The Lotus Sutra, Vol. 1

Published on 6 April 2022 at 13:25

Quotes from the Lotus Sutra, Vol. 1


“In all the Buddha-lands in the ten directions,

There is only the Dharma of the single vehicle,

Not a second or a third,

Except what Buddhas teach by skillful means.


Buddhas use provisional expressions

To lead and guide sentient beings.

They all appear in this world

To teach the Buddha’s wisdom.


Only this is real.

The other two are not.

Buddhas do not ultimately liberate sentient beings

Through a lesser vehicle….


Buddhas themselves abide in the Great Vehicle

In accordance with the Dharma they have attained.

Adorned with concentration, wisdom, and powers,

They liberate sentient beings with the Great Vehicle.


Buddhas have self-realized the unsurpassed path,

The impartial Dharma of the Great Vehicle.

If I used a lesser vehicle to liberate

Even one person,

Thus would I begrudge—

And this could never happen.”


  Reference: Reeves, G. (2008). The Lotus Sutra: A Contemporary Translation of a Buddhist Classics, pp. 88-89



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