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What’s life and where did it come from?

How was the universe formed?

How can we attain spiritual liberation and inner peace?


    You will be surprised to discover that the Buddhist teachings have the answers to all these questions and to many other questions you may have! The Buddhist teachings are profound, broad, and practical, and we vow to introduce them to our viewers one teaching at a time. We cordially invite you to join us and explore the ocean-like wisdom of the Buddha.


   Embracing the teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni, Venerable Xiao Pingshi (蕭平實導師) established the True Enlightenment Practitioners Association (佛教正覺同修會; Zhengjue) to publish, disseminate discourses and interpretations of the Buddha's teachings. Venerable Pingshi focuses on and dedicates himself entirely to the welfare and well-being of each and every Buddhist practitioner. He consistently explicates the Ultimate Reality of the Buddha Dharma with his attainment of the Buddhist wisdom of the tathagatagarbha. His teachings are far reaching and touch on a broad spectrum of Buddhist teachings, including Chan, prajna, Pure Land, the Agama sutras, the implicit teachings of the Surangama Sutra, training in higher wisdom in Consciousness-Only, and precept observance. 


   In this website, you will find publications by Venerable Xiao PingShi, a brief introduction to our Venerable Xiao Pingshi, the True Enlightenment Vows, the Procedures of Three-Jewel Refuge, the True Enlightenment Dharani (正覺總持咒; Zhengjui zǒng chí zhòu), the chart of the Practice Stages toward Buddhahood, and articles and videos on a wide range of related topics. Whether you are a Buddhist learner or just someone who is interested in knowing more about Buddhism, we sincerely hope that this website will offer you a fresh and intellectually stimulating perspective of what Buddhism is really about. 

Welcome To Join Us

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The Jewel-Heap Sutra, Vol. 58

Quotes from The Jewel-Heap Sutra  (Mahāratnakūṭa Sūtra)   “What are the seals [marks] of the predisposition-nature for buddhas? When an individual initially aspirates to bring forth the bodhi mind, he is regarded as one who shall [in the future] possess the bodhisattva precepts, enter the bodhisattva repository, obtain the dharani mind without distractions, never stray away from abandonment [to discard the illusory phenomena], realize the emptiness-nature, correctly cultivate the notion of signlessness with no desire, and keep his mind away from greed and taints. Furthermore, he can attain realization and enter the aggregates, elements, and sense fields. Whatever he performs will be aligned with his enlightenment, and he will gladly seek the Buddha wisdom. Thus, he will truly know the notion of non-arising nature with which to realize myriad dharmas based on its non-conceptual nature [non-arising nature], and will fully possess correct views, without illusory thoughts. These are the marks of the predisposition-nature for buddhas.”   《大寶積經》卷58   【「何等名為佛種性印?所謂最初發菩提心。從此即為具菩薩戒、入菩薩藏,得陀羅尼心無散亂,不離於捨、證入空性,正修無相無所願求,性離貪染;於蘊界處而能證入,所作隨覺樂求佛慧,於無生性,真實了知,證於諸法而無分別,具足正見、斷於妄念,是故名為佛種性印。」】

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