You are invited to awaken the best in yourself through our series of gong'an cases and discover the innate capacities of your own treassure. You will be marvelled at the meditative concentration achieved in Signless Buddha Mindfulness for Chan contemplation, which brings your prajñā (wisdom) alive for you and into the way you live. 

True Enlightenment Practitioners Association has established three types of courses allowing people of all ages and backgrounds to learn Buddhism (In Chinese). There are the Chan and Pureland Class (a prerequisite class for all), the Intermediate Class for further cultivation, and the Post-Awakening Class. These courses are to guide students to learn and practice the Buddha Dharma in sequential order to attain awakening to the True Mind (C:本來面目; Běnlái miànmù).

The eighth consciousness tathāgatagarbha is the core of the Buddha Dharma. Since the Northern Song dynasty, Dongshan Chan Patriarch Yuanwu Keqin had already advocated the dual practice of the Chan School and Pure Land School to guide his students to attain enlightenment in accordance with Śūraṅgama Sūtra Vol. 5, the section on Bodhisattva Mahāsthāmaprāpta’s Dharma-Door for Perfect Mastery through Buddha-Mindfulness. This begins with the practice of Signless Buddha-Mindfulness, followed by the basic techniques of “guarding a huatou” and “contemplating a huatou.” Through the long-term fostering and cultivation of the correct knowledge and views of the Three-Vehicle Bodhi and the elimination of habitual hindrances, cultivation and accumulation of merits, and participation in the 3 days enhancement Chan retreat for enlightenment, one can realize the True Mind when the cause and condition mature. By cultivating oneself along the Path to Buddhahood and the Path to Liberation and progressing through the 52 cultivation stages in sequential practices (for bodhisattva), one can firmly stride toward Buddhahood.