Sūtra on Upāsaka Precepts, Vol. 1, Chapter 2

Published on 1 January 2023 at 21:46

Quotes from Sūtra on Upāsaka Precepts

Vol. 1, Chapter 2


Bringing forth the Bodhi Mind


“Good sons! There are five things related to bringing forth the bodhi mind: (1) having wholesome friends, (2) eliminating aversion and malice, (3) following the teacher’s teachings, (4) developing compassion, and (5) practicing one’s faith diligently. However, there are five more things: (1) not seeing others’ faults, (2) not being discouraged despite seeing others’ faults, (3) not becoming arrogant after attaining wholesome dharmas, (4) not being jealous of others’ wholesome deeds, and (5) treating all sentient beings as one’s only children. Good sons! After bringing forth the bodhi mind, a wise person can destroy one’s negative karmas, etc. with the magnitude of Mount Sumeru.”


優婆塞戒經 卷一