Key Teachings By Venerable Pingshi 

In this page, you will find excerpts of Dharma exegeses by Venerable Pingshi under the 8 categories:

1. Buddha Mindfulness Training

A unique practice of Meditation in Motion


2. Agamas  

 "The Stream of my transmigration ceases, the pure practice has been accomplished, what must be done has been done, and there will be no more future existence."

3. Chan and Prajna

"All phenomena arise from conditions. The Tathágata has taught that this is due to the cause, [based] on which all conditioned dharmas end. This has been explained by the Great Sramana.”

Awaken to Your Buddha Nature through Gong'an Cases and Prajna Teachings.

4. Gong’an Cases

What is your original face before you were born? Discover the innate capacities of your own treasure through our series of Gong'an cases associated with Chan masters. 

5. Tathagatagarbha, Vijnana-Only

All Three Realms Are Mind-Only and All Phenomena Are Consciousness-Only

6. Classification of Buddha's Teaching

 Liberation from Cyclic Existence, Penetrative Understanding of the Signs of Reality, and All Phenomena  Are Consciousness-Only

7. Precept Observance

 Initiate excellent affinity with the Bodhi path.

8. Tibetan Buddhism Series 

"When the true dharma of Tathagata is vanishing, the Semblance dharma will emerge. When the Semblance dharma emerges in the mundane world, the True Dharma will become extinct. If a ship sails in the ocean while overloaded with treasures, it is likely to sink at once. However, the True Dharma of Tathagata will not disappear instantly but will gradually vanish." Miscellaneous Agama Sutra, Vol. 32


The Crises of Buddhism