Buddha Pronounces the Sutra of Neither Increase Nor Decrease

Published on 16 January 2023 at 12:56

Quotes from Buddha Pronounces the Sutra of Neither Increase Nor Decrease


“Śāriputra, the ultimate truth is the profound principle and denotes the realm of all sentient beings; the realm of all sentient beings refers to the Tathāgatagarbha, and the Tathāgatagarbha is the Dharma body.”


“Śāriputra, as this Dharma body has conformed with the mundane since beginningless eons, it is tangled and fettered with infinite afflictions in excess of the sand on the Ganges. As a result, it has been continuously drifting through the stream of transmigration and is thus called a sentient being.”


“Śāriputra, on the basis of this Dharma body, as soon as one becomes weary of the worldly afflictions of transmigration, abandons the longing for existence in the three realms, practices the 10 paramitas, embraces the 84,000 Dharma doors, and practices the Bodhi path, one can be aptly referred to as a bodhisattva.”


“Furthermore, Śāriputra, this Dharma body will be called a Tathāgata, worthy of respect, with perfect wisdom and enlightenment, upon accomplishing the following: freeing itself from all worldly fettered afflictions, suffering, and afflictive defilements; attaining purity and clearness; abiding on the shore opposite pure Dharma; arriving a place where sentient beings desire to be; attaining the absolute and highest proficiency in all states, without equal; freeing itself from all hindrances and obstacles; and attaining the power of sovereign independence and autonomy in all Dharmas.”