Our Team of Teachers 

    You can find the wealth of Dharma knowledge among our team of teachers in the True Enlightenment Practitioners Association over the video link provided on this page. Our teachers have bridged their rich inner experience of Buddhist practice with the seemingly disparate worlds of modern life in accordance with the Buddha's teaching.

Signless Buddha Mindfulness 

An effective technique for Chan practitioners to enhance their meditative concentration and facilitate awakening. Mastery of the method of prostration and cultivation practice - Signless Buddha Mindfulness - enables practitioners to improve their levels of mental concentration and achieve a mind of one-pointedness while holding a bare thought of Buddha in mind, whether in stillness or physical motion. The method bridge the practice of Pureland with Chan Buddhism by applying the practitioner’s power of meditative concentration gained from the entry practice of Bodhisattva Mashasthamaprapta’s Dharma-door of Buddha mindfulness ( C. 念佛圓通法門)toward Chan contemplation as illustrated in Suramgama Sutra.