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The Buddha Dharma of the Three Vehicles speaks of the notion of No Self. Nonetheless, so many famous Buddhist masters, both monastics and lay practitioners, often fail to grasp the real meaning of No Self. All the Three-Vehicle Sutras—the Agama Sutras, prajna paramita, and Consciousness-Only—have implicitly and explicitly expounded the true principle of "No Self" and "Self." Although the Mahayana Dharma teaches No Self, it is not a nihilistic view of the emptiness of all phenomena; instead, it reveals the ultimate reality of the remainderless nirvana—the true mind. This true mind is called the Self of the non-self, the mind of the non-mind, and the true reality of all phenomena. Upon realizing this mind, one will comprehend the true reality and immediately bring forth the Mahayana wisdom pertaining to prajna; thus, one will be referred to as a sage or saint of Mahayana "distinctive teaching." It is hoped that every monastic Dharma master will first understand this principle to avoid misleading himself and others while trying to expound the Dharma. By doing so, both the master and his disciples will be on the right path toward awakening and post-awakening cultivation.

Entering the Dharma-Door of Buddha-Mindfulness 

This book is a concise summary of the contents of the Dharma door of Buddha-Mindfulness. It enumerates various expedients to help practitioners learn the proper steps of practicing Buddha-Mindfulness, progressing from an orientation toward sign-dependent mindfulness to signless mindfulness, and then finally to actually realizing the Buddha-Mindfulness samadhi.

Signless Buddha-Mindfulness (English version available)

This book establishes numerous expedients, from beginner-level practices to more sophisticated ones, to facilitate the cultivation and practice of the wondrous Dharma door of Signless Buddha-Mindfulness. The book will assist practitioners of Buddha-Mindfulness who have been practicing it for 20–30 years to no avail attain the state of an undisturbed one-pointed  mental focus in a relatively short period of time, and to continue to enjoy such benefit for a lifetime. This book has gone through 39 printings, with over 780,000 distributed copies.