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Entering the Dharma-Door of Buddha-Mindfulness 

This book is a concise summary of the contents of the Dharma door of Buddha-Mindfulness. It enumerates various expedients to help practitioners learn the proper steps of practicing Buddha-Mindfulness, progressing from an orientation toward sign-dependent mindfulness to signless mindfulness, and then finally to actually realizing the Buddha-Mindfulness samadhi.

Signless Buddha-Mindfulness (English version available)

This book establishes numerous expedients, from beginner-level practices to more sophisticated ones, to facilitate the cultivation and practice of the wondrous Dharma door of Signless Buddha-Mindfulness. The book will assist practitioners of Buddha-Mindfulness who have been practicing it for 20–30 years to no avail attain the state of an undisturbed one-pointed  mental focus in a relatively short period of time, and to continue to enjoy such benefit for a lifetime. This book has gone through 39 printings, with over 780,000 distributed copies.