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Sūtra on Upāsaka Precepts, Chapter 1

Published on 3 December 2022 at 19:07

 Quotes from Sūtra on Upāsaka Precepts, Chapter 1

On the Assembly


Good son, no sentient being has the bodhi nature [in the first place] or the [definite] nature of a human, heavenly being, lion, tiger, wolf, dog, and so forth. In one’s present life, one becomes a human or heavenly being based on the causes and conditions of various good karmas one has ever accumulated. It is also through the causes and conditions of the bad karmas one has accumulated that in one’s present life that one is born an animal, such as a lion. The same is true for a bodhisattva. It is through the combination of various good karmas and the arousal of the aspiration for Bodhicitta that one comes to be called a bodhisattva.”

優婆塞戒經 卷一〈集會品〉第一




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