A Discourse on The Lotus Sutra, Vol. 2, p. 327

Quotes From the Lotus Sutra, Vol. 1


[The Buddha said to Śāriputra:] “Śāriputra! In the chaos amidst the five turbidities (the Saha world), sentient beings are mired in heavy defilements, greed, and jealousy and develop unwholesome roots. Therefore, with their powers of skillful means, the buddhas distinguish three vehicles within the single Buddha Vehicle. Śāriputra! If any of my disciples declare themselves to be arhats or solitary realizers but do not hear or know that all the buddha Tathāgatas teach only the bodhisattva doctrines (that transform sentient beings into bodhisattvas), they are not true disciples of the Buddhas and are not true arhats or solitary realizers.”

Reference: Reeves, G. (2008). The Lotus Sutra: A Contemporary Translation of a Buddhist Classics. Boston: Wisdom Publications, p. 85



Excerpts From A Discourse on The Lotus Sutra

Venerable Xiao Pingshi


“This quoted passage makes it evident that those who claim that the Great Vehicle is not the Buddha’s teaching are definitely not the Buddha’s disciples and definitely not arhats or solitary realizers. They certainly cannot be enlightened bodhisattvas.”

Excerpts from A Discourse on The Lotus Sutra, Vol. 2, p327