A Discourse on The Lotus Sutra, Vol. 7, p. 30

Quotes From The Lotus Sutra, Vol. 3


"I am the World-Honored One,

Who cannot be surpassed.

To bring peace and security to all beings

I appear in the world.


And for the sake of this assembly

I teach the Dharma, pure as nectar.

The Dharma has one flavor—

Of liberation and nirvana.


With one wondrous voice

I fluently explain its meaning,

To bring about causes and conditions

For the Great Vehicle"

Reference: Translation of the scriptural passage is based on the rendition of Gene Reeves (2008)The Lotus Sutra: A Contemporary Translation of a Buddhist Classics, p.164


Excerpts From A Discourse on The Lotus Sutra

Venerable Pingshi 


Therefore, the Tathagata’s real intent is to teach sentient beings the one and only Buddha Vehicle. Only when the Tathagata has thoroughly expounded to all sentient beings the ultimate, wondrous Dharma that allows them to attain the final fruition of Buddhahood will His purpose of enlightening and transforming sentient beings be fulfilled and will He leave this earthly, human world. Thus, the Tathagata concludes, “With one wondrous voice I fluently explain its meaning, to bring about causes and conditions for the Great Vehicle.” These words clearly demonstrate that the Tathagata appeared in this world for no other reason than to teach the ultimate truth of the Path to Buddhahood, and that His real intent was never to teach only the two vehicles (the sound hearer and solitary realizer vehicles), which lead to liberation through direct perception of the truth that all phenomena arise dependently and do not have any intrinsic nature.

A Discourse on the Lotus Sutra, Vol. 7, pp. 30-31