The Long Agama Sutra, Vol. 10 (長阿含經)

“Ananda! What is meant by ‘Upon the condition of vijnana (consciousness), name and form (nāmarūpa) become’? If the vijnana does not enter the mother’s womb, would there be name and form?”

Ananda replied, “No.”

“If the vijnana enters the womb without being born, would there be name and form?”

Ananda answered, “No!”

“If the vijnana leaves the womb and the fetus decays, would name and form grow?”

Ananda answered, “No!”

“Ananda! Would there be name and form without vijnana?”

Ananda replied, “No!”

“Ananda! On the basis of these conditions, I know that name and form originate from vijnana, that vijnana conditions name and form. This is the principle of what I say.”