Chan Master Daoxin ( 580–651)

Quotes from Record of the Masters of the Laṅkāvatāra, Vol. 1


“Expel the mind of three poisons, the clinging and grasping mind, and the perceiving and observing mind. Bear the Buddha in mind every moment. If you do, the mind will become lucid and tranquil, without any object to attend to. The Mahāprajñāpāramitā Sūtra says, ‘The one without thought denotes the mind that bears the Buddha.’ What is the one without thought? The mind that bears the Buddha denotes the one without thought.... Why so? Because the vijnana is without form, and the Buddha is without form or appearance.”

Chan Master Daoxin (580–651, the fourth patriarch of Chan School).  


「摒除三毒心、攀緣心、覺觀心。念佛心心相續,忽然澄寂,更無所緣念。大品經云︰『無所念者,是名念佛』,何等名無所念?即念佛心,名無所念。……所以者何?識無形、佛無形、佛無相貌。」  (道信禪師; 580–651)