Long Agama Sutra, Vol. 1

Quotes from the Long Agama Sutra


"The Buddha gradually explained on the benefits of the principle of giving, on the principle of precept observance, on the principle of rebirth in the heavenly realms, on the impure nature of our desires, on the flaws of taking rebirth in the upper realms. The Buddha rejoiced those who transcend the three realms to be the unexcelled ones with wondrous tranquility and purity. At the time, the World-Honored One saw the gentle and harmonious nature of the two disciples who willingly embraced the correct Dharma with joy and faith; He then started to delineate the noble truth of suffering, the noble truth of the origination of suffering, the noble truth of the cessation of suffering, and the noble truth of renunciation extensively." 

Dirgha Agama (Long Agama) Vol. 1