An Outline of Buddhas and Patriarchs, Vol. 41

Quotes from An Outline of Buddhas and Patriarchs


Volume 41 of An Outline of Buddhas and Patriarchs states, “Ancient sages said, ‘The notions of Buddhist views and dharma views are two types of Cakravāḍa (ring of metallic mountains).’ We should not possess any notion of views that will all impede our practice. Therefore, The Ode to Enlightenment states, ‘The mind is the root, and the dharma is the object. These two are similar to marks on a mirror. Light will shine only when all the marks are completely removed. The true nature will emerge once the mind and the dharma have both been dismissed.’”


《佛祖綱目》卷 四十一


《佛祖綱目》卷 四十一記載:「古人云:『佛見,法見,是二種鐡圍山。』若有所見,盡成其障。所以 《證道歌》云:『心是根,法是塵,兩種猶如鏡上痕。痕垢盡除光始現,心法雙忘性即真。』」