The Secret Meanings of the Heart Sutra, p. 223

Excerpts from The Secret Meanings of the Heart Sutra

Venerable Xiao Pingshi


 When we uncover the eighth consciousness, we can directly observe at will that we all possess an inherently self-existing mind. This mind does not have any fear, even at our gravest hours. This mind does not possess any trace of happiness, even when we are delighted. This mind also does not get angry. It is eternally immovable and free.

 On the other hand, the perceptive mind that makes decisions, relishes, becomes enraged, contemplates, and analyzes cannot be the liberated mind. Why? For one, its mood is moved by others’ words, such as when we are praised or criticized! How can such a mind denote the inherently free and liberated mind?

 Only a mind that never has and will never become happy or enraged, is permanently immovable or eternally remains as such (suchness), and is changeless and always non-abiding and bringing forth the mind can be called the inherently true self-existing mind.

The Secret Meanings of the Heart Sutra, p.223