A Discourse on The Great Drum Sutra, Preface

The Great Drum Sutra expounds the great Dharma; those who hear it will relinquish their five skandhas lives but will, in turn, resurrect the wisdom life of their dharma bodies. The Tathāgata classified the Buddha Dharma into two categories: the notions of dharma and non-dharma. The dharma encompasses all non-dharma to accomplish the correct principles of Buddhist teachings. All those who hear and accurately understand the Dharma teachings in accordance with their principles will enter the correct Buddha Dharma and directly witness that all non-dharma also comes from the dharma. This will allow practitioners to bring forth the realization that dharma and non-dharma are neither identical nor different, and attain awakening to the ultimate reality pertaining to prajñā, becoming a bodhisattva who has realized the True Mind.