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A Discourse on The Buddha Treasury Sutra, Preface

This sutra explains why the Buddha Bodhi is so difficult to realize—the accumulated false views of countless eons in the past have resulted in karmic obstructions that make it impossible to seek realization in this life. With the ultimate reality of all dharmas as its basis, this sutra provides a detailed explanation of the core essence of all Buddhas and the Dharmas, followed by the chapters “Mindfulness of Buddha,” “Mindfulness of the Dharma,” and “Mindfulness of Sangha,” in which the four assemblies are expected to uphold the pure precepts, thereby transforming the nature of their minds. In addition, illustrations with examples from the “Passage to the Past” chapter teach the four assemblies that they must extirpate false views and turn to correct ones. Finally, through the elucidations in the chapters “Understanding of Precepts” and “The Instructions of Entrustment," it is anticipated that in the Dharma-ending era, the four assemblies will be able to purify their views and personally realize the Bodhi.

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